Would you be interested in joining a team in order to create an RPG?

Le Ruse Man

Oct 27, 2015
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So, I got RPG Maker MV and I decided to make a new project. The thing is, I can't do everything by myself, since I lack the skills. I can do eventing, mapping, brainstorm for a plot and so on, but things like scripting, spriting etc are way out of my league. So, I would like to find some people, so that we can all together create an RPG (everyone has an opinion, which will of course determine the final version of the project, I am not looking for people to boss around). I am mainly looking for a spriter and a scripter, even though mappers and composers could also be a big help. I've made a draft of sorts of how I want the game to progress storywise, but since it is at it's very early stages, I can't really give any kind of concrete plot. That being said, I can offer a premise, so that you can get a feeling of what I am talking about.

The story is a modern/medieval fantasy crossover where the main characters travel back and forth through time and space between 2 worlds, their own and a fantasy one. I haven't really thought much about the finer details, like detailed story progression (I really want some feedback from people working with me, I don't want to make a game which feels like a bad fanfic) but I do have some ideas that I am ready to share with anybody who wants to participate.

That is all, thanks for reading through the whole thing, post your skills below and I'll contact you for further information.

Thank you!
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Oct 17, 2015
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I think I could join you. Just message me your skype if interested.

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