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    Who I am: I'm an artificial intelligence developer, although I'm not sure if my scripts would actually translate to RGSS real well. ( I'm saving Javascript for InMoov.)

    What I'm offering: Is anyone looking for writer and concept artist? What I write: Dystopian Fiction, Cyberpunk Fiction, Android / Cyborg Fiction, and bits of Gothic Romance. I prefer writing fiction and game scripts with a dark aesthetic. I'm also an illustrator, you can find my most recent illustrations here:

    Time: Are you looking for a part timer, or permanent position?

    Length: What's your projected word count? ( I'm mainly a short fiction writer, although I am periodically updating a web serial at the moment which takes time. )

    My Terms: Your project must be in the creative-commons. Or other ... predatory things. ( It should go without saying, but no NDAs either. Otherwise why release it under creative-commons? )

    Hope that covers all the bases.

    I'm also willing to write and do concept art in exchange for graphics as well, though we may need to check to see if are genres are compatible.

    Where you can find me (I'm on):

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