WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop [Slots 0/1]


Apr 12, 2016
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Welcome to "WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop"

Artist's Introduction:

I'm a self proclaimed artist working towards improving and making myself known. I draw original art and fan art on a semi regular basis. Procrastination and skill limitations prevent me from releasing more regularly.

What do I mean by "assistance"?:
This workshop is made to help those who needs someone to assist them with visualizing their character. To help them put their ideas together into drawing form in which they can work from.

What can you expect:
My aim is not to create resources for you in the usual sense, but to help you create a concept art to help you create resources with. But if you find it appropriate, please feel free to use it as a resource as well.

*The sample above is an older drawing so what you get might be a little different. Also disregard the multiple expressions, expect a single image of the character in full body like the one to the left.*

1. No nudity and 18+ requests.
2. Give me credit in your projects if the art I drew for you made it into the final product. Commercial or not. You can give me credit even if my art isn't in the final product if you want, lol.
3. One drawing per request.
(More rules TBD...)

Request Format:

*Please keep the request to one post as much as possible*
**You can request through this thread or through PM with [Request] in the title**
***I will send you the finished image through PM***

Description: [Description of your character. Clothing, personality, origin/background story, race (preferably human, but if not I'll still try my best), etc.]
Post as a sample: [Yes/No] [Simply write Yes or No here to let me know if l can post the drawing I did for you to the public. Mainly as a sample on this thread.]
Extra: [Any extra notes and requests you may have that may not fall under "Description". For example if you want something other than a full body drawing, or if you want a specific pose. Whether I do these, or not, is up to me, but if it doesn't go against the rules I'll try to fulfill it.]



For more references on what I can do, you can visit my art thread below:

Hopefully I can be of help.
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