Xeno Sword: War

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    Xeno Swords is a game that will be split up into chapters. Each chapter will be each game in the franchise.

    There was once a village, a village that was peaceful. It's population was high, everything about the village is just positive! This village is named Kakari Village. But, not everything is perfect, 30 years after the village was built, a murderous group named Kill Squad formed as a group that murdered lots of people, and mass producing monsters to do there evil biding. You, and your sister, Casey, will have to put a stop to this war if nobody will.


    -Nostalgic Front View Battle (Similar to Earthbound's view)
    -No backtracking included
    -Awesome music!


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    Do you want to try it out? THE FULL GAME IS OUT NOW!!!!: http://gamejolt.com/games/xeno-swords-war/148214

    Sequel Might be coming one day ;)

    Estimated release date: 7/30/16 (That was not accurate, cuz the game was just released)

    Finished! YAY!!!
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