Yanfly Action Sequence problem?


Oct 10, 2017
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Hi! So let me get straight to the point;
I was going to play test some action sequences that I got from Drifwood Gaming and some I got from this thread. When I suddenly got this error;

I don't know what happened since the Action sequence did not even start.
I thought It might have been only with that action sequence, so I tried the skills for the character, none of the ones that had action sequences worked, so they gave me the error above.

So, I tried turning off a few plugins that might have been conflicting with the action sequence packs. But that didn't work.

Then I tried closing RMMV but it didn't work.

And the last thing I did was check for updates for the action sequence plugins, but those were all updated.

That never happened to me in other projects, and even in this project, that didn't happen before.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me!

Here's how my plugins are organized (if anyone wants to see it);


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