Yanfly ATB help. Fixed charge times.


Aug 21, 2018
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As mentioned, I am heavily using Yanfly's plugins but the one in question is the Yanfly ATB.

I have been studying this for a while, trying to find various result for changing the speeds for when in battle. My issue lies within skills. I have noticed that if I change the skills speed to different numbers, including negative numbers, they do make the charge time go slow or fast. which is fine, but until my characters get higher in levels and the jobs they can become, will alter the speed of the skill being prepared.
example: a lv.15 mage casting a fire spell will take 5 seconds where a lv.50 will take 2 seconds.
it doesn't seem too bad in my opinion, but how the game is set out to be, I can see it being a problem in the future of the game.

My question is this: is there a formula or something that can give skills a fixed charge time? so that regardless of level, the charge time will be the same throughout even when lv.15 or lv.50?

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