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Mar 14, 2012
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I've been using YEP Base parameter Control for awhile now, it's actually pretty integral to my game at this point.

What I only just figured out is that it affects enemies stats as well. Does anyone know how you would essentially disable it for enemies stats?
There are some notetags you can add but none that seem to prevent it from affecting enemies. I can't just edit their stats because Yanflys plugin doesn't work with HP Bars for enemies, apparently.
If I want to display enemy health, it does so like "9/6 HP" (Due to the increase in parameters, base HP is increased) and bugs out the health display since it wont start going down until the enemy is below the health defined in the engines parameters.

NOTE: "MDF" in my game has been renamed "Constitution" and for every 1 CON they get +3 HP. So even if I set the enemy MDF to 1, they still get +3 HP and bugs the healthbar.

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