Nov 30, 2016
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Hey guys,

Not sure if this was meant to be a feature or if I'm over looking something.

I'm using Yanfly plugins.  ClassChangeCore, Subclass, BaseParamControl, and ClassBaseParam. 


I set up some Custom class parameters in the Class Note for Warrior.

<Custom Class Parameters>

maxhp = level * 50 + 50;

maxmp = level * 20 + 45;

atk = level * 6.5 + 15;

def = level * 6 + 15;

mat = level * 5 + 12;

mdf = level * 5 + 12;

agi = level * 5 + 13;

luk = level * 5 + 12;

</Custom Class Parameters>

When any class I set with custom parameters is set as the main class, it will not receive any stat boosts from a sub class. 

PluginNoBonus.PNG PluginYesBonus.PNG

Is there a work around for this?  Is this a bug?  

I assume it is happening because I'm trying to set custom parameters for a class and it won't let the subclass plugin change those parameters.

I figure there may be a way to Lunatic Mode it to add a percentage of the subclass stats to it, but I haven't tried to do anything like that yet. 

I didn't want to submit a bug report if someone has maybe already fixed this and I just couldn't find it.  

Any input would be helpful!   Thanks in advance!


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Jul 2, 2014
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