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Oct 22, 2012
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I'm using VX ACE...And though I love the front view turn based battle system, everyone on here says its bunk.  And so I'm wondering if anyone can modify Yanfly Engine Ace. The creator is fine with that and even with commercial games modifying it as long as credits are given. We are very vigilant about credits and there will be a CGI cut scene at the end of the game for credits and the bigger the mods, contributions and scripting the bigger the credit time on screen. I'm also using Yami side view battle system. I have the script set to free turn battle...

I'd like Yanfly's Engine Ace to display 3 characters in battle at once with a left/right scroll that does multiple pages of characters in battle. (I have seven battlers by the end of the game) As you scroll left or right I would love if it highlighted and flashed as each character in battle is selected to choose their attacks.

The character name is inelegant, I'd like the name to appear above the character's face graphics... The script squishes the dimensions of the character's face-set I'd like it to go back to the original dimensions (hence only 3 at a time with a scroll/highlight). 

Also I'd like the TP/HP/MP bars to be moved under the character's face graphics and all be the same length. As well I'd like all the state/attack icons to show above the character's name which i want above the character's face graphics.

The choices menu for attacks items guard etc blocks my characters when their at capacity.(7 characters) I'd like it stacked on top of the characters window.

Last I'd like the window that shows the attacks-face graphics - hp/mp/tp-names etc. to turn nearly transparent after all the characters and their attacks are chosen. And to return to opaque after all the attacks are executed and the enemy retaliates and it's the characters next turn to choose attacks/items or otherwise. 

I know this is an moderately extensive request but the game my crew is working on has and important social and moral implications. We have developed a consortium or artists, programmers, and musicians... And we're 15 months into production now.  I'm not sure what is a fair price to offer so maybe we can have a dialog about that if you respond to this post... Thanks!


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