Yanfly Item Core/Item Upgrade Slot/Auto-Passive States question

Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by Grimoire LD, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Hello Yanfly, I wanted to start off by saying that your plugins are Amazing adding so much more depth and promise than what is originally there. I did have a couple of questions though...

    1: Is it possible to combine plugin functionalities? For instance can I create an Upgrade Slot Item which can add a passive state? I tried doing it with a simple copy/paste but that may not be sufficient, there may be more here than that.

    2: Is there anyway currently to have already slotted weapons drop in a random fashion ala Diablo?  Such as "Vitality Sword" or "Power Sword", etc? 

    Thank you for taking a look at these, I'm a bit new to the whole plugin system so I might be missing something plain as day.
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    I was just about to ask this same question.

    My initial thought is that the upgrade slots code could be modified to alter the notebox data of the upgraded item to have the passive tag but I'm not sure if that is actually possible.

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