Yanfly Item Durability/Item Upgrade Not Showing Up

Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by IssaMeMino, Aug 28, 2018.

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    I'm currently using Quxios ABS system for my game. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with being able to view the "Customize" section of the Equip menu. While using skills, I can hear the weapon break sound effect on the map, so I know some aspects of the Item Durability plugin are still working. I've tried adjusting the order of the plugins, and the current order works the best. If I move EquipCore or EquipCustomize any higher or lower on the list, an error keeps the game from running. I've disabled all Quxios and any other plugins, but still can't see the Customize screen in the Equip menu. I've included the error message to see if there's something that I need to alter in the actual plugin file.

    All of the Quxios/Yanfly/Other plugins that I have installed are working perfectly well with one another, it's just that the Customize window won't appear.

    If this requires posting in the Classified section for a compatibility patch or some other fix, I'll be more than happy to do so.

    (I know Gameus Quest System is still in there and not being supported, which I'm going to swap out for Yanfly's Quest System)

    Thank you for any help!

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