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Jan 17, 2013
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Hey everyone!

I know the title is a mouthful, so really you can call it the Yanfly Text Tool if you want, but just as the title implies, it only works to help you position text (using the x coordinate only) in a message window.

The whys and whats are on the page for the tool.  I was initially going to release this as a package for everyone, but opted for this instead.  It's pretty easy to use and will help those trying to center text using Yanfly's Message Core.  I coded this in Javascript (didn't take very long), so if you have NoScript installed, make sure to add my site as an exception.  I'm still pretty new to Javascript, so this tool isn't the best and is really amateur, but it should help a lot of people regardless.

Link: http://darkxlabs.com/rmmv/tools/yanfly/



Quick change.  Changed it to use the MV default font.  When I release this as a download, when it's a bit more complete, a nice little feature of this will be to allow you to simply copy the font you are using for your game, as well as the gamefont.css file, both found in your font folder in your project, directly into the folder where this is stored so you can see how your text would look in the tool as it would look in your game so you can work it appropriately.  If I can get help improving the tool, then that'll speed up the process. :)
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