RMMV Yanfly's Action Sequence Choosing One target and next target?


Sep 12, 2020
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I want a skill that has the player move to the first enemy, throws him to the or a second enemy, and only then do damage to both.
My main issue is that I do not know how to designate one enemy from the other. There's option in yanfly's action sequence plugin for choosing All enemies, all targets, or one only but not sure how I can choose one, then a different one.

The closest I got was this:

<Whole Action>
move user: enemy 1, front base, 30, offset x 50, offset y +0
wait for movement
wait: 30
float user: 0, 20
motion thrust: user, no weapon
wait: 4
action animation: target
jump enemy 1: 300%, 20
move enemy 1: enemy 2, base, 20
wait: 20
action effect: enemy 1
wait: 5
action effect: enemy 2
</Whole Action>

The sequence plays out exactly as I wanted, except it always targets enemy #1 and enemy #2, even if they are dead. AFAIK, there's no Target 1 and Target 2 :/

I tried using action impact plugin that gave "previous target" and "next target", but it didn't work for me.

The method of choosing targets can either be 2 random enemies, or better yet, single enemy that you choose, and randomly obtains the next one.

Please help :)

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