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Feb 4, 2016
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So, I recently started using Yanfly's Attachable Augments plugin (it best suits the progression system I'm trying to incorporate in my game). However, I'm running into a couple things I'm not finding in the Help section. Maybe I'm simply overlooking it, but is there a way to make an augment change the description of the item? My character has a single weapon and a single armor throughout the game that the augments go on, and I'd like the augments to be able to affect the actual gear's description.

In addition, I'm trying to make it so that one of my augments reduces the equipped character's HP by 20%, but when the augment is equipped, it doesn't show anything in the item's Life column. Is there a way to change it so that it shows the -20%?

Before Equipped.PNG 

This is the character before the augment is equipped...

Scythe Augment.PNG

The augment in question...


The weapon after the augment is equipped. It is supposed to change the item's name (which it does. From Weapon Blank to Scythe), but 1) It doesn't change the actual description for the weapon; "Nothing more than the handle for a weapon. Weapon parts may be added on to this to empower it." Again, if doing so isn't possible, oh well. This is mostly an aesthetic issue, and 2) the change in Life doesn't appear, even though...

After Equipped.PNG

It does show up here. The character's maximum Life changed from 10 to 8 (-20%). This is definitely the one I want fixed, simply because it may look like a glitch.
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