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Mar 28, 2014
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YED Sideview Battler, for those who don't know allows you to increase the amount of frames per Sideview Battler, add custom motions, control frame speed, and looping. and it does so through reading note tags for actors... which I've realized is probably why it doesn't like to let actors use any kind of transformation states that may be possible. they simply don't change sheets.

I was curious... would anyone know if it's possible to get YED to read note tags from different actors? I think that way, instead of trying to just change the sheet, it'd change what tags it's looking for. that way it'd A. have a foundation of what to change to.. and B. unlike the only transformation I've gotten to work, not read the actors same note tags, but be using a different sheet, in case they're set up differently.

would anyone know if it's possible to get the plugin to change what it's looking for based on say scripting or something?

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