Oct 27, 2015
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Hello there,

I tried to find answers to my issue through the search function but could not. Here what I did:
I started a project a few weeks ago and, at some point, switched from native resolution to 720p since almost everybody nowadays uses a widescreen monitor. I then activated auto word wrap from yep message core since I would from there on need word wrap on pretty much every message window.

The issue:
While everything works fine when I manually add <WordWrap> at the beginning of a message, WordWrap is not activated by default. Even if I create a new event from scratch, I need to add <WordWrap>.
Auto word wrapping is definitely activated in the plugin's configuration, and I tested on a dummy project with the exact same mod configuration, and it worked just fine. It's probably a dumb error on my part, but I am at a loss as to what to do.

I attached my plugin list and my message core configuration to this message.
I got both Core Engine and Message Core from Yanfly's library of free mods around two weeks ago.



Thank you all in advance for your help.

Edit: After a bit of experimentating, I found that my problem is that the toggle is not retroactive: WordWrapping will remain turned off on any map created before I turned WorpWrapping on. However, it will work on any map created afterwards.

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