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    I'm experiencing a bit of an issue with Yanfly's Selection Control plug in:

    It's working as intended exept with one major (for me) issue: I'm noticing that the skill I am using does not disperse damage, I was wondering what I'm doing wrong. Here is my setup:

    AnimatedSV enemies

    May be an important note: I'm also using thw WeaponSkill plugin, that is above even my core engine.

    Now skill: I'm trying to make a weapon that can attack either single or multiple enemies with split damage if targeting all. It's classified as a single target magical attack and I have it set up with a static damage of 4 (for the user with current stats). I have the notetags <Single Or Multiple Select> and <Disperse Damage> in the skill's note box. This skill theoretically does 1 damage to 4 targets with a base damage of 4 and 0% variation (for testing), yet it does full damage to all targets. It's probably me, I understand that, what I don't know is what I'm doing wrong, or how my set up is affecting this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I do have other select plugins from Yanfly (not AOE) and up to the point described herein, and after this point, the plugins I do have are in order as they appear on Yanfly's website. I'm just typing this on my phone and not about to go through my entire set up.

    Edit: found a solution. I just had to move it below damage core.
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