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Jul 4, 2017
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[Bug Report]

Plugin Name:
Item Synthesis

I don't Know what is wrong
I thought it was because of another Plugin
But i turn all of my Plugins OFF and still Nothing

WTF.PNG 20170922222519_1.jpg 20170922222543_1.jpg


Jan 13, 2016
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Bug Report:

Plugin Name: YEP Action Sequence Pack 2

Plugin Parameter Changes: None

Bug Explanation: The POINT function of the Action Sequence Pack 2 is not functioning, instead resulting in an error.

Error Report: See attached TEXT file

Replication: Launch the test project and speak to the copy of Harold, which will start a battle. Select Attack with all members. The actor will jump in and is supposed to move using the POINT part of the action sequence and this is where the error comes.

Attached below are the error log and a dropbox link to the bug reporting project.
error log.txt


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Sep 25, 2017
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Plugin Name: Dragon Bone Plugin

Do you have all the latest updates for the plugins in question? (Click here for all of the latest updates and install them. If you do not have the latest updates, I will ask you to remake the bug report) Yes

Plugin Parameter Changes: (Mention ALL of the changes you've made to the plugin's parameters. Otherwise, I will revert every single plugin's settings to the default setting) : I put the folder dragon bone assets into the main folder like I am supposed to. I then when to the right Parameters under Assets path and put: test for plugin/index.html./dragonbones_assets/ test for plugin in the name of my project/folder name/where the location is.

Bug Explanation: (What is the bug in your own words? Keep this detailed. "It isn't working right" is not a valid bug report.)
Are you a coder who understands the problem in code as to why this bug is caused? If so, please leave the line(s) of code in question and your suggested fix for it. Otherwise, please proceed to the following steps. If you've provided a code fix, you may omit the rest of the steps. Thank you!
I have a step by step video of what I've done:
((they aren't long no worries.))

"Uncaught Reference Error dragonbone is not define" It isn't reaching the file possibly? Will not open game or access plugin at all.

Create a Sample Project Reproducing the bug: The sample project MUST follow all of these guidelines:

  1. Create a new project. Do NOT just copy over your game project folders. This should be just a stock, empty, new RPG Maker MV project. If I do not see an empty project with Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius, I will not look any further.
  2. The project's file size must be 200 MB or LESS. Remove unnecessary audio and image files until you reach that size or use MV Stripper if you need help doing so.
  3. Install -only- the affected plugins. Do NOT copy/paste them over from your project's Plugin Manager. If you're using non-YEP plugins, do NOT include them. That said, I apologize that both ATB and CTB are no longer supported by Yanfly, so if you're using them, please remove them from the project used for the bug report.
  4. Do -NOT- rename the plugins' filenames. They will not work if you do so. MAKE SURE you DO NOT change the filename from the file downloaded from the website.
  5. Make sure they're in the EXACT order listed on The correct ordering of plugins is important. Some plugins will not work if they aren't in the right order.
  6. Do -NOT- deploy the project through File > Deployment. Do -NOT- box the sample project. If I cannot open up the sample project when I get it, you will have to redo it all.
I used a test to do it in the first place, and then I even made another one to try again. Still not working. Here is a screenshot of the code since it doesn't let me copy it. :

Error Report: (If you received an error message, press F8 when the message is received to open up the debug console, then copy/paste the entire error log and paste it here).

Exact Steps on How to Replicate Bug: (Write out IN DETAIL, a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the bug.)
I downloaded the file from your site, following the step by step directions,
extracting the script dragon bone into the js plugin folder.

switching the index to the correct file where you change and copy two links:
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/libs/dragonbones/dragonBones.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/libs/dragonbones/dragonBonesPixi.js"></script>

Below: text/javascript" src="js/libs/pixi-picture.js">

then, added it to the plugin with





in that exact order.

then, under Assets path: test for plugin/index.html./dragonbones_assets/ test for plugin in the name of my project/folder name/where the location is.

Did you recreate the bug on the sample project? (If not, do so. MAKE SURE you are using notetags in the right place and haven't misspelled anything. DO NOT USE SAVES. I need to know exactly how to recreate the problem from start to finish. Simply giving me a save file tells me nothing.) Yes

Upload the sample project and share the link (ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED):
  1. Use WinZip or WinRAR to archive the project. Do -NOT- archive it multiple times.
  2. Upload it on a website like or Dropbox. Do -NOT- use a website that involves timers like 4shared, RapidShare, etc. If I am time-gated from downloading the project, I will ask you to reupload it somewhere else.
  3. for plugin.rar?dl=0
  4. Post the link here. If you do not include a sample project that meets these guidelines, the bug report will be invalid. There are NO exceptions.


Jul 20, 2014
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Plugin Name: YEP_X_ProfileStatusPage

Do you have all the latest updates for the plugins in question? Yes, I downloaded the most recent one's today.

Plugin Parameter Changes: None, all default

Bug Explanation: When you write something between the lines

<Profile Text>
Profile description here.
</Profile Text>

The profile image gets cut off by each line of text written, the more is written, the more is cut off.
I have provided you a link to a fresh project with the required plugins so you can see it yourself
and hopefully find a solution for the bug.



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Space Fish
Sep 17, 2016
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Plugin Name: Item core

Do you have all the latest updates for the plugins in question? yes i do

Plugin Parameter Changes:
Max Items: 20
Max Weapons: 100
Max Armors: 100
Starting ID: 3000
Random Variance: 0
Negative Variance: false
Name Format: %1%2%3%4
Name Spacing: true
Boost Format: (+%1)
Updated Scene Item: true
List Equipped Items: true
Show Icon: true
Icon Size: 128
Font Size: 20
Command Alignment: center
Recovery Format: %1 Heal
Add State: +State
Add Buff: +Buff
Remove State: -State
Remove Buff: -Buff
Maximum Icons: 4
Use Command: Use %1
Carry Format: %1/%2
Midgame Note Parsing: false

Bug Explanation: Independent items dont show the base items ID when using the choose item command in events and instead it chooses the id of the independent item.

Link to download of a project (note i deleted the default sprites for actors other than harold to get the filesize as low as i possibly could)


I, Doglord
Jul 11, 2017
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@Yanfly about the Event Chase Stealth Plugin, is there some way to deactivate the use of stealth when that player has been found by an event?


Graphic Design/Complex Eventer
Jan 5, 2015
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Plugin Name:Yep_PictureCommonEvents

TriggerButton Left, TriggerButton Right, TriggerButton Up, TriggerButton Down have no function and bug was replicated on new project with no other plugins.

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Mar 1, 2012
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Plugin Name/Used:
Event Chase Player
Region Restriction
Stop Player Movement

Do you have all the latest updates for the plugins in question? (Click here for all of the latest updates and install them. If you do not have the latest updates, I will ask you to remake the bug report)
- I think so yes

Plugin Parameter Changes:
- I just made Region Restrict block events from moving to Region125

Bug Explanation: (What is the bug in your own words? Keep this detailed. "It isn't working right" is not a valid bug report.) MV Project (v1.5.0).zip?dl=0

It's kinda hard to explain so I made a video and a sample project.
I noticed I have in total in a project chasing the player, but after a while, my FPS was tanking to 3~4 and it made me check it with a profile and came upon this:

Another alternate I did was and properly unrelated to bypass this issue:
1.) Add a switch that will trigger a new page for events to stop chasing you when the player steps on X region.
2.) The problem was that since I had transfer player when the player touch the event, sometimes this also tank the FPS permanently with no other way to recover. The only way for me to bypass this was to use $gamePlayer.locate();

I thought it was interesting so reported 'v')b
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