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    I could really use some scripting help.

    I'm trying to edit Yanfly's Common Event Menu plugin so that the choice list is layered. (For example, selecting "Gender" on the list pulls up another sub-window next to it which displays "Male" and "Female" choices) I've come real close to accomplishing this by creating a duplicate plugin and changing its variables by adding the number "2" to them, so that one Common Event Menu choice can call up another without the first being reset. When the second CEM is called up, the first deactivates, and only reactivates when the second one is closed. So far so good.

    The problem is, the second Common Event Menu, based on the duplicate script I made, does not actually display the command choices like the first one does:
    I've spent forever messing with the duplicate script to fix this, but have not been successful. I can only say this:
    - I'm certain the issue is not related to the plugin commands calling up the script, because when I use the same plugin commands for the original Yanfly CEM plugin the choices display fine.
    - It seems likely that the issue is related to the "AddCustomEventMenu2" portions of the script, because if I remove all plugin commands related to it the same result occurs. It's as if the duplicate script works fine but is not sensing the added common event variables to display as choices.

    I will attach a copy of my duplicate script here along with the original for comparison. (Please see Yanfly's terms of use - I am not attempting to distribute this!) I'm sure there is a simpler way of scripting this combined choice window, but I'd like highlighting a choice in the submenu to call up a help window depending on the choice, which is built into the common event menu. (Although the help window also doesn't seem to be working...)

    Thanks to anyone is able to help!


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