Apr 18, 2012
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I'm using YEP_SkillLearnSystem and YEP_JobPoints

Here is the main issue:
The amount of JP you have left for a class is not displayed in the price window for learning a skill of that class.

For example, let's say your character's current main class is Thief, with 500 JP left, and you want to learn a skill that costs 120 JP for the Wizard, but that class only has 30 JP left... the amount of JP that the Wizard has left isn't shown anywhere.

So even though it says I have 500 JP left next to the character, in the "Skill Learn" menu, it'll show the price for learning that skill as 120 JP in red, meaning you can't learn it for the Wizard because it doesn't have enough JP. But the only way to see how much it has left is to change to that class first. This can get very confusing.

Solution A:
Drawing both the "current price" and "JP left", such as 120/30 in the skill price window of the Wizard skill learn list, instead of just 120 with no indication of how much JP that class has left. This solution is probably the one that most people would prefer.

Solution B:
Bypass class selection when learning skills, so when your main class is Thief, selecting the "Skill Learn" menu will take you straight to learning Thief skills, without asking the player which class they'd like to learn skills from. That way, if the player wants to learn skills from the Wizard class, they have to switch to that class first.

By default, when you have an Actor with only one Class available, the "Skill Learn" menu goes straight to learning skills for that one Class. However, as soon as said Actor is able to switch between two or more Classes, the "Skill Learn" menu will instead ask you to select which Class you'd like to learn skills from first, and then lets you select which skill to learn from the selected Class. Removing that functionality seems like an easier solution to implement.

The ask:
Any ideas on how to implement either of these solutions? I'm terrible with JS. Any help provided is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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