Feb 21, 2019
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LWP_AiAdjustments 1.0
Logan Pickup

Allows adjusting when enemies use skills, and who they use them on. It doesn't add any additional steps to the enemy AI; it just allows better control over the "rating" in enemy action patterns, and over the "tgr" special parameter, allowing them to be modified on-the-fly.

Provides dynamic control over the action pattern rating and tgr special parameter. Normally the action pattern rating is fixed and can't be changed, but this plugin allows the rating to change according to various conditions. This provides finer control than the RPG Maker built-in conditions, which can only turn the action on or off, and also has many conditions that RPG Maker doesn't normally have.

The tgr special parameter can be changed, but it normally has a constant value for all enemies; for example, if Reid has TGR=100%, then all enemies will treat Reid as if he has a TGR of 100%. This plugin allows the TGR to be dynamic based on the enemy and skill, which allows skills to be targeted better.

How to Use
This plugin adds a single notetag: <skill-ai [skill name or id]> ... </skill-ai>. This notetag is only able to be used on enemy note boxes.

Each line between the tag start and end either:
  • Changes the action pattern rating of the skill, or;
  • Changes the "tgr" special parameter of all the possible targets of the skill.

boost 5 when enemy.state is Paralyzed will increase the action pattern rating of the skill by 5 if there are any enemies with the Paralyzed state.
target 5x .state is Paralyzed will multiply the target's TGR by 5, making it 5 times more likely that the battler will choose that target, if the target has the Paralyzed state. This TGR change is temporary and disappears as soon as the battle chooses a target.

The examples above use .state, but hp, mp, atk, def, and more are able to be used, and can be checked against constant numbers, percentages, and variables.

This plugin only allows action pattern rating and TGR to be changed; it doesn't do anything else. It cannot change the list of available targets (if you want to restrict the targets, just use a ridiculously high target multiplier, e.g. target 100x ...). It cannot add skills that are not already present in the enemy's action pattern. It cannot do turn-based conditions (e.g. use skill on turn 5), because RPG Maker is already pretty good at that.

Full Example (taken from the demo project):
RPG Maker already has good conditions for managing MP (in the demo project, this skill
has the condition that it is only available if MP is less than 20%), but we can still improve it
by making sure we target the character we can drain the most MP from.

<skill-ai Bizarre Dance>
target 5x .mp highest

This is a skill that adds a "Weak to Darkness" state. Here we avoid it being used on someone
who is already affected by it (mostly, anyway - an 8x tgr modifier isn't certain).

<skill-ai No Light>
target 8x .state is not Weak to Darkness

For this skill, we want it to be selected more often if an enemy is weak to darkness, and we
want to target the enemy who is weak.

<skill-ai Shade I>
boost 4 enemy.state is Weak to Darkness
target 8x .state is Weak to Darkness

See the help in the plugin for more details!
A skeleton demo project is available for download at the github page. It's possible, although messy, to get the demo project to work in RMMV too; see the instructions on the github page.

Download at github

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