Oct 10, 2017
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Me and You - Connection
Introduction to Project
Hello! My name's Valentina but I'd prefer if you called me Val! I have come today with a project I'm finally concentrating on: Me and You - Connection. It's a short game about friendship, forgiveness, and not the main focus but just as important; Sexuality (it does not contain any implicit or explicit content) This isn't my first project, but it is the first one to contain deeper meaning (as well as the first project I have the goal of finishing)
The project is still very early on and I intend to update this thread every time I make relevant additions to the development.

Story and Characters
Everyone in the Imperial Academy of Mana has heard of Draal, the most talented Orc to ever set foot in that school, but one man everyone has heard of as well is Ouzhal, the son a very powerful Oni Lord and the meanest bully in that institution.
The special Orc is one of the main victims of the conceited Oni, everyday Draal suffers from various mean jokes and even physical violence.
However, Professor Molder has had enough of Ouzhal stupid behavior and Draal’s consistent submissiveness. The Ogre teacher decides to give them a punishment that is going to better their relationship… Or worsen it.



1. In certain cutscenes, the player has to make choices that will directly affect the ending they get
2. There will be 3 different endings which are temporarily called: True End, Good End, Bad End

Paper Mario styled shops (for now I haven't implemented it yet, but I have a good idea on how to implement this feature)
2. Fast Travel
3. I will be using
Alpha's ABS Plugin for this project (I like turn-based combat but I just don't find it that appealing in RMMV)
3. I'll be using Tall Sprites (both templates used from Tonbi and WayWard) for all characters
4. Original Busts with multiple expressions made by me (ValentinaSama66)
5. Even though the game will use RTP and RTP-Inspired tilesets, I will do my best to make my maps look pleasant
6. Some events will have full illustrations (CGs) to better represent the scene (like in visual novels)
[I may add more features, but the main ones are these]

Screenshots and Mapshots
(Draal's room)

(The initial cutscene)

None (for now)

So, I hope my project has picked someone's interest! I don't have that much information to share yet, I plan to post more information and screenshots/mapshots as I develop the game. If anyone has any questions about anything relating to the project, feel free to ask me. I might open a thread in the Recruitment section since there are things I can't do myself like music, and also because I might need someone to revise text (I'm a Brazillian making a game in English) as well as the game script and story (I'd love to receive a second opinion)

This is all at the moment! Thank you for reading up to this point <3

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I've been working on something on and off for a few years now, and I've been reluctant to share any details on the project before I had anything playable because I did not want to generate hype only for the project to go back on hiatus. That being said I believe what I'm working on is very unique and pushes the boundaries of what RPG Maker projects can be. Bold claims, I know but just wait.
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