RMMZ You Have To Escape - a very short exploration game with multiple endings


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Jan 1, 2017
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~Wake up, Cricket~

Cricket wakes up in a strange house with no idea how she got there and, understandably, wants to leave. That's the whole thing. She has to collect items and interact with things to find a way out, but what she finds and in which order will change her story.

There's no save function but a playthrough only takes a few minutes anyway. There are ten endings that range from mundane to bizarre and none of them explain anything. There is no Official True Canon Ending, though #4 is my favourite.

This was made entirely as an exercise in global switches and rigging up all the different endings and to show off a little what my tall sprites look like in action. Maybe it'll entertain you for twenty minutes.

GAMEPLAY: Strictly exploration. Look at things, pick up items, use them. No combat, no chases.

WARNINGS: Mildly spooky at times but I don't think there's anything harmful in it.

DOWNLOAD: Dropbox link



CREDITS: Made in MZ. Most assets are MV/MZ RTP.
- Big trees and a door by Avery.
- Other doors by First Seed Materials.
- Font is called 'Fawn'. Found it on DaFont, credit to Vic Fieger.
- I did the sprites and other artwork.
- I'm using the Visustella SaveCore and MessageCore plugins.

There's still some Menu Weirdness like 'why is there a Continue button on the title screen if there's no save games?' or 'why are there hit points and stuff?' Because I just wanted to post this thing instead of fiddling with menus forever.

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