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    This game was made in just 1 month, solo (for the most part), for the Female Link Game Jam, The game centers around Link, a girl from the farming community of Hyrule. Link has been chosen as the next Harvest Maiden, a girl tasked with signing at each of the temples to wake one of the harvest Goddesses from their slumber to ensure a good bounty. When things go wrong- it's up to her and her corgi Navi to save the day.

    Download Link


    Megan_Stevens_Concept_Art_Scott_Colors_Attempt1.jpg Link.jpg Navi.jpg

    The Heroes:

    • Link: An orphaned child of hyrulian decent who likes to camp. She was recently chosen as the Harvest Maiden for this cycle.

    • Navi: Link's talkative corgi buddy who is like a big brother to her sometimes. Navi will follow Link anywhere!


    The Villains:

    • Reaper: An ominous, rather demonic looking, fellow with a scythe...

    • Lord Ganondorf: A dark wizard with an addenda of his own.


    • Movement: Direction pad

    • Confirm: Enter

    • Deny / Back: Escape

    • Equipment / Pause: N

    • Song of the Harvest: Q (Requires song of the harvest)

    • Sprint: Shift (requires sprig boots)

    • Guard: G (requires Shield of Hylia)

    • Items: Assigned to H or J

    • Primary Attack: F (uses whatever weapon you have equipped)

    • Spells: Assigned to R,T,Y, or U

    • Full Screen: Alt + Enter (Distorts visuals a little)

    Total Playtime

    • Developer Speedrun: 25-30 Min.

    • Expected Playtime: 30-45 Min.

    Known Bugs / Useful Hints

    • Coloring Outside the Lines: You can sometimes get on top of walls and walk (other times you can’t) by using the Song of the Harvest. This is particularly easy to do in towers. I am working on a way to define when you can’t use the Harvest Song. Please don’t exploit this while I work on it.

    • The Matrix: I know things respawn when you switch between the real world and the Land of Leaves. This is intentional. Use it to your advantage. Set up enemies by knowing where they will be when you transfer to the Land of Leaves. When in danger of dying, switch back to the normal world. Enemies are ONLY in the Land of Leaves. Doing so will respawn all the enemies however.

    • F: You will see a fist icon for “F” on your skill bar.

    • Western Tower: Navi gets stuck randomly in this area. This is because the map loops on itself and the AI doesn’t like what amounts to a mobius strip.

    • Skill Bar In My Way: What! The skill bar is in your way! Actually, if you move a few steps down it will turn transparent.

    • This Game is Hard: Yes. Sometimes it is hard. I like retro gaming. Hence the save feature only be available in a few places.

    Useful Services


    Where: This can only be done at your camp in Kokiri Fields or the Inn in Hyrule Village.

    Full Heal
    Where: The Inn in Hyrule Village or after singing at an altar in one of the Towers.
    Where: The Item Shop in Hyrule Village.
    Return to World Map
    Where: The ferry sign to the left of your camp in Kokiri Fields will return you to the world map.
    Enter Land of Leaves
    Where: Any map other than the world map. Just press Q after getting the sheet music for the Harvest Song.
    Spot Heal / Magic Recovery
    Where: In the Land of Leaves you can find floating hearts that restore 100 HP instantly. No over-healing. In towers if you are in the normal world you will see floating orbs that heal 50 Magic each.

    Equipment List

    Harvest Scythe (Weapon)
    Use: Primary damage dealing weapon.
    Location: A scythe of the harvest, dropped by Reaper after you are tossed into the Land of Leaves in Kokiri Fields.

    Sprig Boots (Armor)
    Use: When equipped Link can dash by holding down shift.
    Location: Play tag with the little boy in Hyrule Village 5 times.

    Cow Tail Charm (Item)
    Use: Allows you to talk to cows. Can be traded for the Goriyan Boomerang.
    Location: Enter the Land of Leaves in the barn in Hyrule Village. It is commonly dropped by the Mooriyans. Other Mooriyans (in the Inn and in the Item Shop) drop it too.

    Goriyan Boomerang (Weapon)
    Use: Damage dealing weapon. If thrown it can bypass shields. Low damage though. Some objects can be retrieved with it.
    Location: Trade a cow tail charm to the man in the cow suit in the barn in Hyrule Village.

    Hookshot (Weapon)
    Use: Damage dealing weapon. Some objects can be retrieved with it.
    Location: Enter the Land of Leaves in the barn in Hyrule Village. Go behind the bar, as it is now open, then return to the normal world and talk to the Hookshot on the wall (looks like an arrow). The vendor will then sell it to you for 200 rupees. Gain rupees by cutting grass and killing enemies. Easiest way to gain 200 rupees is to get the spin attack technique from the Eastern Tower then go to the patches of grass next to your tent in Kokiri Fields. Enter and exit the Land of Leaves to respawn the grass.

    Festive Branch (Item)
    Use: None. Traded to Mayor Mutoh at the Great Deku Tree.
    Location: Gained in the Inn.

    Skull Scythe (Weapon)
    Use: Primary damage dealing weapon. Lower HP and Def but more Damage.
    Location: Given by Majora on the top floor of the Western Tower.

    Majora’s Madness (Spell)
    Use: Paralyzes all enemies and lowers their Def for 10 seconds.
    Location: Given by Majora on the top floor of the Western Tower.

    Din’s Fire (Spell)
    Use: High damage distance fire attack.
    Location: In the Northern Tower head to the left. You will see a sliding puzzle. Solve it and go to the northern chamber. Head to the large crystal then enter the Land of Leaves (making the Winter Tower the Summer Tower). You will need to touch the jet of flames there. It might require that you step back then forward to trigger the event depending on how you landed.

    Note: You can lock yourself out of getting this by singing at the Northern Tower without getting this spell first as, once you sing, you cannot re-enter.

    Shield of Hylia (Armor)
    Use: Guards against most (if not all) damage from one direction. Once active you will block for several seconds. You can change facing while your shield is out but not move.
    Location: In the southernmost chamber of the Northern Tower. Sing at the Triforce.

    Yew Bow (Weapon)
    Use: Can fire arrows and deal damage at a range. Requires arrows.
    Location: In the north west corner of the Eastern Tower, enter the Land of Leaves. You will find a chest. You may have to move to trigger the chest opening depending where you entered the Land of Leaves. It comes with 20 arrows. More can be bought at the shop.
    Note: You can lock yourself out of getting this by singing at the Eastern Tower without getting this weapon first as, once you sing, you cannot re-enter.

    Bomb (Weapon)
    Use: Place on the ground then run away. Large radius damage.
    Location: Can be bought in the weapon shop.

    Heart Piece (Item)
    Use: Dropped by most enemies.
    Location: Use to recover 300 HP.

    Spin Attack (Weapon)
    Use: After a small delay, damages all enemies around you.
    Location: Sing at the triforce in the southeast corner of the Eastern Tower.

    Fierce Deity Scythe (Weapon)
    Use: A very high damage scythe.
    Location: Dropped by Reaper when you face him a second time.

    Magic Armor (Armor)
    Use: Provides a lot of damage reduction and improves evasion rate. Also makes you immune to paralysis effects.
    Location: Trade the Festive Branch to the Mayor at the Great Deku Tree.

    Cucco Feather (Temp. Item)
    Use: Call down the wrath of cucco.
    Location: Kill any cucco.

    Songsheet of the Harvest (Temp. Item)
    Use: Teaches you how to sing the Song of the Harvest. Press Q to enter the Land of Leaves. Removed after use.
    Location: Drops off Reaper when you fight him in the Kokiri Fields.


    1. Ok, so this is going to be a quick overview rather than an in-depth strategy guide:

    2. You start in Kokiri Fields head right until you encounter Reaper.

    3. Grab the scythe and head right. Kill whatever you come across. Get some HP from the orbs if you need it.

    4. Kill Reaper and pick up the song. It will return you to the normal world. Head right until you see the map transition icon (!).

    5. On the overworld map head to Hyrule Village and press enter to go there.

    6. Play tag with the kid 5 times (cornering him helps) to get the sprig boots. Get this first. No one likes to walk.

    7. If you kill the cucco, you will die. He deals 0 damage. If you want to see what happens, save at the Inn first.

    8. Go to the Inn and get the Festive Branch for later. Save and heal at the bed if you need it.

    9. Go to the barn and enter the Land of Leaves. Kill enough Mooriyans to get a cow tail charm. Return to the real world. Talk to the man in the cow costume to get a Goriyan Boomerang. If you have extra cow tail charms, talk to the cows for some fun.

    10. Head to the shop and buy bombs or heart pieces if you want. Use the Lave of See equipment section on how to get the hookshot from here.

    11. Head to the Great Deku Tree

    12. If you have the Festive Branch, trade it to the Mayor for Magic Armor.

    13. Talk to the tree. He will give you backstory and unlock the towers for you.

    14. Once you have defeated all three towers, come back and he will unlock the final area for you.

    15. Head to the Northern Tower.

    16. Get Din’s Fire (see equipment section) in the northwest corner.

    17. Head to the southmost part to sing for the goddess. She will reward you with the Shield of Hylia.

    18. Head to a save point.

    19. I advise this one or the Eastern Tower first because they are the easiest.

    20. Head to the Eastern Tower

    21. Get the Yew Bow (see equipment section) in the northwest corner.

    22. Head to the southmost part to sing for the goddess. She will reward you with the Spin Attack.

    23. Head to a save point.

    24. I advise this one or the Northern Tower first because they are the easiest.

    25. Head to the Western Tower

    26. This is a looping maze with 4 levels. You need to find the stairs going up. You can only use/see the stairs in the Land of Leaves. There will be a statue in its place in the normal world.

    27. On L1 the stairs are the grey ones going up

    28. On L2 head left to the farther stairs. Then go down until you see a redead. Take those stairs.

    29. It will bring you back to L2. If you did this right you should see an empty green block (in the real world it has a red chest on it that can be grabbed with the hookshot).

    30. Head left to the other stairs on this level. They will take you back to L3.

    31. Take the bronze stairs going up. This can be done in the real world too.

    32. You have an option here. It effects some things down the line. You can either sing to the Goddess in the triforce in the real world and get a Def Buff + Counter ability or sign to Majora’s envoy (Deku Link) in the Land of Leaves.

    33. Majora’s route will change your sprite to have a Majora’s mask on, will stip you of Nayru's Love, will replace your scythe with one that does more damage but lowers your Def and max HP, and give you the Majora’s Madness spell.

    34. Save

    35. Head to the Great Deku Tree. Now when you talk to it, it will give you different then ask you if you want to save. This will bring you to the final fight. I recommend saving in a second slot. I also recommend stacking up heart pieces. Like 20ish?

    36. You will get a quick scene where you meet Ganondorf and Reaper then you will have to fight Reaper before going toe to toe with Ganondorf.

    37. For the Reaper right I recommend killing the Keese (bats) first or they will harass you while you damage Reaper. Kill them quick then just stun-lock him to death. He’s got lots of HP but not much bite. He drops the Fierce Deity Scythe. Get that and your fight with Ganondorf will start.

    38. For this fight you have a few ReDeads and Ganondorf. You will NEED the magic armor for this or you will be stunned to death by the ReDeads. Use the spin attack to kill the ReDeads if/when they swarm. They drop hearts if you need them. After taking them out, switch to the Fierce Deity Scythe and go to town on Ganondorf. At some point you’ll get a good rhythm down. A few ReDeads will be up but your magic armor will soak most of the damage they deal. Use those heart pieces to sustain yourself and just keep attack Ganondorf with your scythe, keeping him stunlocked, until he dies. He has 10,000 HP so it will take a few min but it’s not a terribly hard fight once you figure it out.


    • All in-engine scripting, puzzle design, and in-engine stuff was done by me, Scott Gladstein, in RPG Maker VX Ace with a legitimate copy of the product.

    • The Legend of Zelda and all related trademarks and copyrights are owned by Nintendo or their respective owners.

    • Concept art was done by Meg Stevens and some design input was given by Sarah Jeffers and Christina Johnson.

    • This engines was extensively modified by the fantastic Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 script package by Carlos “Falcao” Mendoza and any technical awesomeness is due entirely to him. I just learned how to use his fantastic script package.

    • I also used Lights & Shadows v1.3 by Zeus81 as well as his Map Effects v1.4.1.

    • Yanfly Engine Ace - Slippery Tiles v1.00 is in there for the Northern Tower, by Yanfly obviously.

    • Iavra from the rpgmakerweb community provided me with an ad hoc dashing boots script.

    • All art assets were either part of RPG Maker VX Ace, Falcao Pearl ABS, or made/modified by me.

    • The only exceptions are:

    • The Corgi sprite was done by an artist named Chocolate Mint Tree (translated) from mintk.blog79.fc2.com.

    • There are also a number of assets (mostly the leaves) from a file called “Steampunkish TileB” that got shared around a lot. It looks like original work and I’d like to credit it, but have thus far been unable to find the source.

    • My own modifications / contributions include:

    • The female Link sprite.

    • Color on the female link artwork.

    • The title screen.

    • The spinning scythe animation (based on Falcao’s work and using assets from the RPG Maker VX Ace).

    • The Hyrule flags (modified version of existing flag assets from RPG Maker VX Ace).

    • The Triforce symbol (not hard but...)

    • The addition to the Hyrule crest and Triforce symbol to many art assets.

    • Two tracks of custom music for this include:

    • “Lost Leaves Theme” by Mentalcacao via Fiverr.com.

    • “Yon’s Theme” by Pitanime80. Commissioned for a different project of mine that never worked via Fiverr.com.

    • Sound effects for grunts/sighs/item fanfare were from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Majora's Mask.

    • Much of the music was from the Kenny Game Asset package (http://kenney.itch.io/).

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