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Feb 28, 2021
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Hi Makers!

First of all, I'm Spanish and I don't speak very well English... Sorry!:rswt

I have a proposal for all of you and maybe you are interested... I am looking for a team to make the video game Zenetea: The Mirror World. An RPG that takes place in a fantasy world, full of incredible creatures and merciless enemies. Alexander Lunae is a recent college graduate who meets a strange girl (Paolette) during her graduation party. Without having the slightest idea that the girl comes from another planet, Alexander accidentally ends up in her world. Now he will have to find a way to return to Earth, but it will not be easy. If you want to discover everything about Alexander, Paolette and 6 other main characters, contact me and I will tell you more about the world of Zenetea.

It is a commercial project and all the resources used are free for use as long as the creator of each of them is recognized in the credits.

Here is some screenshots of the game:






I want to team up with people who want to work and are excited to create a group video game. Pro experience is not necessary. It's perfect if you have the best knowledge and experience, but everyone is welcome, as I have said, they want to work with illusion.

I already have the game a bit developed but there is nothing 100% polished. I need someone on my team who are dedicated to:

  • PROGRAMMING: There are so many plugins in the video game, sometimes I don't understand the dynamics of some of them and, in certain events they fail. I need someone to understand how each plugin works and if it fails at any point, investigate how to fix it.
  • PIXEL ART: I need basic things such as that of a predefined character, that same character be designed by doing different movements such as jumping, running, picking up an object, etc...
  • FACESET ART: someone capable of making facesets of some characters that do not come pre-designed and showing different gestures on their face.
  • ILLUSTRATIONS: someone capable of making illustrations of the video game to put on load images and collectible images.
  • MAPPER: I already have many maps made, but many of them don't have life. I need someone capable of giving lights, shadows, many more details and complex designs so that there are attractive maps that make you want to go through again.
  • PUZZLES AND SECONDARY QUESTS: Someone who is dedicated to designing all kinds of secondary quests and puzzles that make the player squeeze their heads to overcome them.
  • SECONDARY CHARACTERS AND PLACEMENT ON MAPS: creation of hundreds of characters to give life to each of the cities and other points of the world of Zenetea, each one with characteristics that adapt to the place where it live, as well as dialogues.
  • BATTLE ANIMATIONS: define and design the different skills and magic with the design of the animations.
  • TRANSLATOR: someone to translate the game in English, of course, and other languages so more people can play.
One person doesn't have to dedicate himself to each task, it can be several. In addition I am open to receive all kinds of ideas and suggestions for the main story and the story of each character because there is nothing 100% devised.

If you would like to participate and you think you can contribute something that I have not mentioned above, you are also welcome, just write to me in what you would like to help and I will consider it.


These are the phases that will comprise the development of the project:

PHASE I: Team searching and selection of the roles of each member. Create a Discord group.

PHASE II: Brainstorming for the development of the game, each one's first steps in their task. Once we have a minimum acceptable work, I will make a DEMO where you will see what the gameplay will be like.

PHASE III: Game visible on different social networks. Launch the project to a crowdfunding page in which patrons will invest money to receive the game and other rewards in the future.

PHASE IV a: If the campaign ends successfully, the remuneration will be send to each member of the team and we will proceed to PHASE V.

PHASE IV b: If the campaign doesn't end successfully, we will see why. Ideas to improve the campaign and resolve any errors that may have occurred and will return to PHASE II.

PHASE V: With the money and the motivation that we will all have, we are ready to give everything in the professional and complete development of the game. This phase will take months.

PHASE VI: Test the game through friends or testers and fix errors and bugs.

PHASE VII: Promote the game in the different channels available.

PHASE VIII: Launch the game on STEAM and other possible platforms.

I hope all of you guys are interested!

Have a nice day!

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Mar 18, 2012
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@zeneteaRPG We ask members not to post their email addresses in the public forums, as bots crawl the site and can use your email address for spam. The best course is for members to pm you, and from there you can share your email.


Apr 27, 2017
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I sent a private message. I would like to talk about how I could collaborate. I am a game development specialist (academic) in my country and teach games courses at universities. I also speak fluent Spanish.

Please send me a message!

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