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The tugboat, for its size, is the most powerful craft afloat. And the Star tugs are the power behind the docks and waterways that make up the Bigg City Port. Tugs.” -Captain Starr

A TUGS Fanfic

It was spring in Bigg City port, the snow had given way to green foliage and free waterways. The Star tugs were busy now that Winter is over. But our rivals The Z Stacks, had something new for the year. A new member of their fleet.

“Listen up!” snapped Captain Zero, “We got a new fleet member among us and she'll be here later today so no funny business!”
“Don't you mean he?” quizzed Zorran.
“I said SHE, did I stutter Zorran! The new tug is a girl you ninny!” Captain Zero said, replying to Zorran's quip.
“Anyway, Zip and Zug. You two are on river duty today!” ordered Captain Zero.
“You got it boss.” said Zug.
Captain Zero gave orders to Zak and Zebede and then he turned his attention to Zorran.
“Zorran, you'll be teaching the new one.” he said.
“But Captain Zero why can't someone else teach her the ropes?”
“Because everybody else has jobs to do and you're the only free one to do it!” replied Captain Zero.

After Captain Zero had given the order to his tugboats. The Star tugs were already at work. Warrior was on garbage duty and was the first to come across Captain Zero's newest addition.
“Hello there!” Warrior called out to the unfamiliar tugboat.
“Ugh.” she grumbled.
Warrior was taken aback and asked her how she was. What he didn't expect was her response.
“I'm fine you smelly moron. I just don't want a share a harbor with a bunch of dumbass dorks!” she then chuffed away to find her new home.
Warrior was speechless and was visibly upset until came across Ten Cents who had just came back from up river.
“What's wrong Warrior? Was there no garbage today?” asked Ten Cents.
“No, its that new tug. I don't know where she came from but she was mean to me.” said Warrior.
“A girl insulted you?” said Ten Cents incredulously, “Hah! Girls are supposed to be nice like Lily Lightship or Sally.”
“But she called me a dumbass dork!” said Warrior.
“Girls don't use language like that.” Ten Cents still didn't believe him, and simply chugged away to deliver his barge of goods.

Zorran and the new tugboat soon found each other.
“Are you one of Captain Zero's tugs?” she asked.
“Yes and you must be the new one he was talking about. And I'm here to teach you the ropes and I don't any nonsense from a girl like you.” said Zorran.
“A dumb girl? What's it too ya you mustached seawreck.” she said.
Zorran was slightly surprised, he knew Captain Zero had a taste for tugs that were of a shady character but this new girl had some bite to her. She was sassy and rude. Zorran knew he could get used to someone like her, provided she wouldn't go after the Star tugs in some sort of partially thought out plan as that usually would come to bite the Z Stacks in the stern.
“So uh, what's your name?” Zorran asked the new girl, recovering from her response.
“My name is Zentreya. I am a switcher from up the coast. Captain Zero must be real desperate or be an absolute idiot to have someone like on board. The cheeky prick.”
“First off you don't insult our Captain like that and secondly, we don't use bad language here. Despite our image we are a family company.” said Zorran.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. What do you guys do here?” said Zentreya rudely.
Zorran sighed, “Look, let me show you what we do here.”
Zorran showed Zentreya the Bigg City port, and introduced her to the other Z Stacks Zak, Zip, and Zebede as they went along. Zentreya was unimpressed the entire time and when they went to pick up some empty barges to move to a different dock that needed them. When they came across the naval yard, which was still being repaired from last year's munitions fire. She spotted a gray tugboat with a captain's hat. The tugboat was working quietly and he had a look of subtle sad regret.
“Who's that sad sack?” Zentreya asked Zorran, motioning towards the naval tug.
“Oh that's Bluenose, he used to be more of a naval twit but after he bumped into a munitions barge while it was being unloaded, he caused a big fire and destroyed a naval trapper and he killed a crane called Big Mickey.” said Zorran, he paused before adding, “Bluenose was never the same tug again.”
Bluenose looked up at the two Z Stacks, he looked at them but never barked any orders to them like he used to. He was a shell of his former self. No one knew what happened to him after. Perhaps the navy gave him a Court Martial for what he had done or maybe the trauma of seeing Big Mickey go down and the Krakatoa blowing up was too much for him. Either way Bluenose was a sadder and quiet tug for that and maybe perhaps a bit wiser.
Zorran and Zentreya worked together for the rest of the day and the two soon came across their rivals the Star Tugs.
“Who are those clowns over there?” she said smugly, referring to the Star Fleet's brightly colored livery.
“Those are the Star Tugs, our rivals.” Zorran answered.
The two Star Tugs that Zorran and Zentraya were looking at where Ten Cents and Sunshine.
“So that's the new girl I heard about.” said Ten Cents, looking across the harbor at the two Z Stacks.
“Isn't she the one that called Warrior a dumbass?” asked Sunshine.
“Yeah, but I don't believe him.” replied Ten Cents.
Sunshine gave a close look to Zentreya, she had a mean look on her face. All the Z Stacks had a shady almost criminal like bend to them but Zentreya seemed different. She didn't look shady but looked like a bully and reminded both Star Tugs of Johnny Cuba.
“I guess she does look a bit mean spirited.” said Ten Cents.
“Let's keep moving and maybe she won't pay us any attention.” replied Sunshine and the both moved on to their next jobs.
Zentreya watched the two Star Tugs scuttle away like insects and narrowed her eyes at them, almost like they were going to be targets in naval practice.
“Don't mind them, Zentreya we got real work to do!” barked Zorran and moved away.
Zentraya stayed for a minute longer watching Ten Cents and Sunshine before she went to catch up with Zorran.

* * *​

The next day, Ten Cents went up to refuel with Hercules. Ten Cent told him about the Z Stacks' new arrival. When he mentioned that she was a girl, Hercules spoke up.
“I bet if I showed that darling the ol' razzle dazzle, she'll come around.” said Hercules.
“I don't know, she did upset Warrior yesterday and was staring at me and Sunshine.” Ten Cents replied doubtfully as he didn't think Hercules was suave enough to get though to her.
“Don't worry Ten Cents, I'll deal with her.” Hercules finished fueling and went out to sea, he had to go help a tramp steamer get into port before he could do anything about Zentreya.
Zentreya was idling at a dock loading up construction supplies to bring over to the naval yard. When Hercules came up beside her.
“Ugh, more clown tugs.” she grumbled to herself.
“Hello, darling, nice calm waters we're having. Especially to ourselves.” said Hercules smoothly as the waters of upriver.
“What do you want you overgrown barge.” Zentreya asked rudely.
“Well I was thinking even if we were on opposing sides if we could get together and maybe go for chat later today?” asked Hercules, “I'm Hercules by the way.”
Zentreya eyed up Hercules, he was an oceangoing tug and thus was big and long. She narrowed her eyes and said, “I don't mingle with fat tugs.”
Hercules was taken aback but pressed on, “Yes, but I can go out to sea. I've seen many liners in my times and you remind me of the Vienna.” he said referring to an ocean liner he had to refuel last Winter.
If Zentreya was impressed, she would've shown it but instead she groaned.
“Yeah why? Because you ate her two?” she snapped back at him.
Hercules was beginning to show signs that maybe chatting up Zentreya was a lost cause. He stuttered a bit, trying to say something to impress her but decided to leave instead not wanting to be called fat and large for the third time.
Ten Cents was moving an empty fuel barge to get ready to refuel Lily Lightship and saw a somewhat dejected Hercules puffing away toward his next task.
“Hey how did you do trying to chat up that new tug?” asked Ten Cents.
Hercules looked up to him and said “Am I fat? I mean do I look fat?” in a very confused manner.
“I'm guessing it didn't go well?” said Ten Cents.
“She's a tough cookie I'll tell you what. But I least I still have Lily Lightship to be with.”
“What's her name? Do you read her name on her bow?” Ten Cents asked never knowing the new girl's name.
“Her name is Zentreya and I'd rather not talk about it.” and Hercules chuffed away into the open waters to dock the next ship.
Zentraya had had loaded her barge and went up to the naval yards. Bluenose came up and told her where to dock her barge of materials.
“Why should I take any lip from an old has-been like you?” he mused darkly.
“That's disrespectful to someone who outranks you, tuts.” Bluenose barked.
“Why? Was it disrespectful that you killed Big Mickey? And why would you tell me to put my barge there? So you would kill again you naval jackass?” she barked back in a rude and dark manner.
“Please.” said Bluenose meekly, “Please don't mention that.”
“Why?” said Zentreya coldly, “Because you know that your a murderer? You kill innocent cranes and tramp steamers?”
Bluenose wanted to muster the strength to bark back at her like he did before the munitions fire. But bad memories and traumatic stress suppressed him, mustering only a minor “Stop it!”
“Why should I? Make me stop, you're in the navy? Naval ships are supposed to be strong? If you're strong then you can make me stop. Unless you're weak and pathetic, are you?”
“Just stop being rude and treat me with dignity and the munitions accident wasn't my fault! It was-"
“Oh shut up you floating pile of scrap, why don't you scram and let me do my job!” said Zentreya, ending the conversation.
Bluenose stayed quiet and went away to inspect another part of the naval yard. OJ whom was also bring construction materials to the naval dockyard saw everything. He docked his barge and went beside Zentreya.
“Listen here lady.” OJ instructed, “I know Bluenose was a naval twit but you gotta be nicer to the other tugboats here. I know you Z Stacks are always lurking against us but this kind of behavior brings bad atmosphere to the harbor.”
“So what old man?” said Zentreya, “What's gonna me you stop me. With those paddles you barely could catch up with me let alone anyone else.”
“Don't go judging someone on their age I can-”
“You can what? Be a waste of space and fuel? I would refer you to a scrap dealer but I don't think they would want you.” and Zentreya flounced away.
OJ was furious, the Z Stacks gave him garbage for being old and out of date, but he was still useful to Captain Star. But Zentreya was a different kind of Z Stack, someone who was a bully. He knew that the Z Stacks where competitive, but if this was Zentreya being competitive then it was a show of bad sportsmanship.

* * *​

The following day, the Star Tug Fleet was awaiting their orders from Captain Star. It had been three days since Zentreya arrived and her bad behavior made everyone upset. Even the happy-go-lucky Sunshine was feeling a bit cloudy over her.
Captain Star could sense this two.
What's with the look Star Fleet. You all look like dying ducks!
“Its the Z Stacks' new tug!” said Big Mac.
“She called me a bad name and swore at me. She thinks I'm dumb.” bemoaned Warrior.
“She is boorish, rude and uses bad language.” said Top Hat in his snooty way.
“I saw her bully Bluenose over what happened last year.” said OJ.
I get that Captain Zero had a piece of work on his hands but I have no control over her. Anyways; Ten Cents and Sunshine, you're both going upriver!” ordered Captain Star.
“Good, at least I can take a break from the harbor.” Ten Cents said to himself.
Top Hat, you're on car duty.
“Oh joy. Just I want, to go into the middle of the harbor so I could be hassled by Zentreya.” moaned Top Hat begrudgingly.
Oh stow it Top Hat. I don't care if you have to be with her I just need you to do your job and to do it well! Warrior you're on garbage duty again. Hercules and Big Mac, you'll be bringing in the Duchess later today.”
After Captain Star had given the orders to his fleet, Ten Cents and Sunshine went up river. The two were looking upset and had caught Zentreya's bad attitude like a contagious disease. When the two reached the logging camp, the alligator tug Billy Shoepack.
“What's wrong fellas, hyuk!” said Billy Shoepack looking at the two Star Tug's poor expressions.
“Its this new Z Stack named Zentreya.” Ten Cents started.
“And she's mean and a bully and she pushed around Bluenose and OJ the other day.” Sunshine said, finishing what Ten Cents had started to say.
Billy Shoepack gather his thoughts no matter how few and told them this, “She may be a mean piece of work but something is gonna happen to her where she's going to get her just desserts.”
“Yeah I hope it happens soon.” said Ten Cents ruefully.

* * *​

Zentreya was outside of the harbor when she came across the old tramp steamer Izzy Gomez.
“Hello Senorita.” he said kindly knowing that he was about to beg, “Can I please have a tow?”
“Oh stick it up your funnel. I ain't gonna dock a stupid spic.” said Zentreya and chuffed away.
Izzy Gomez was shocked and he began to cry. Zorran saw what had happened and went to confront Zentreya.
“Zentreya!” he shouted, “I need to speak with you right now!”
“What is it Narroz?” said Zentreya trying to get under Zorran's deck.
“I think you owe Izzy Gomez an apology. We normally don't associate with him. But we treat all boats here, tug or ship with respect and we don't use derogatory language like that.” barked Zorran.
“What are you gonna do about it?” asked Zentreya coldly.
“I'm gonna to have to tell Captain Zero what you've done so far!” threatened Zorran, but Zentreya was about to counter with a threat of her own.
“If you or rather if you try to tell Captain Zero. I'm going to sink you. I'll either ram you against Dem Der Rocks over there or I'll fill your hull with cement you goody goody two shoe crook.”
She went away to do her next task as Zorran gritted his teeth. He was put in a tough spot by Zentreya. He knew what was the right thing to do but he also didn't want to know if Zentreya really meant her threats to sink him. He went over to Izzy Gomez who was sniffling to himself.
“What do you want senior?” he said to Zorran.
“I'm sorry if she offended you in anyway, she is a bit...Competitive...But I'll give you a tow on the house. Apologies from our Captain himself.”
Zorran latched a tow rope on Izzy Gomez and rather begrudgingly brought him into the harbor. He didn't have to bring him in. But Zentreya's actions made him pull him in. He wanted her to stop but he also wanted to stay afloat.

Ten Cents and Sunshine had returned from upriver when they saw the two scrap merchant tugs Burke and Blair. Ten Cents was already dealing with the trouble that was Zentreya and now he had to deal with the two individuals that tried to get Captain Star to scrap OJ.
“What do you want.” said Ten Cents angrily, “You here for OJ again?”
“Shockingly, no.” said Burke.
“But we will return for him in the future.” said Blair.
“But for now we are on the lookout for a tugboat named Zentreya.” said Burke, stating what him and his associate where in the harbor for.
“What do you want with that broad?” asked Ten Cents darkly.
“She is wanted for scrap fraud.” said Blair.
“Specifically she defrauded us.” quipped Burke, “She promised us a liner and she gave us a barge of old parts.”
“If you see her, tell the Port Authority.” said Blair.
The two scrap merchants went off to find her, leaving Ten Cents and Sunshine to their own devices.
“She is a wanted criminal! Maybe this is what Billy Shoepack said about what's gonna happen to her.” said Sunshine.
“Right. I have to tell Zorran!” said Ten Cents and marched off to find Zorran and tell him that Zentreya is a wanted tug.

* * *​

Zorran had finished up with Izzy Gomez when he saw Ten Cents coming after him, whistling to get his attention.
“Whaddya want, Ten Cents. Can't you see I'm busy here!” quipped Zorran.
“Its about Zentreya!” said Ten Cents importantly as if the information he needed to give Zorran was life or death.
“What about her?” asked Zorran.
“Burke and Blair came over to me and Sunshine and told that she is wanted for scrap fraud!”
“Scrap fraud, eh?” said Zorran, then he remembered Zentreya's threat to sink him. “I don't know Ten Cents, I have my ropes tied at the moment.”
“Then tell Captain Zero after you're not busy!”
“I can't Ten Cents!” said Zorran trying to get across that he didn't wanted to get sunk.
“Why not!” asked Ten Cents trying to press Zorran further.
“Because I can't!”, Zorran became quiet and told Ten Cent in a hushed tone, “If I did, she threatened to sink me.”
“Yeah so? If we tell the Port Authority then Zentreya wouldn't be able to do it!” suggested Ten Cents.

Zorran looked down at his deck and looked at Ten Cents before looking away to Izzy Gomez. He took a deep breath and sighed, he knew that if he was going to fix the harbor's poor attitudes and get things back to normal. He had to do the right thing. His expression turned to a determined more stern look. He knew he had to take Ten Cent's word on what to do especially after last year when a tramp steamer got wedged on its side in the river.
“Fine Ten Cents, I'll do the right thing. I'll tell the Port Authority and I”m going to tell Captain Zero.” then Zorran sped away to tell them what had came about, sinking or no sinking. Zorran had to do the right thing.

* * *​

The next day both the Z Stacks and the Star tugs witnessed something they had seen as something that was going to come about sooner or later. Zentreya was being hauled away by the Port Authority and the Coast Gaurd. What had caught the eyes of both tug fleets was Zentreya's face. She didn't look tough or even bothered to give Zorran the stink eye. Instead she looked sad and sorry for herself. As if she had learned a lesson.
“Ten Cents.” came a voice, it was Zorran's. “Thank you for telling me to tell on Zentreya. I couldn't do it at first because of what she said but you know what. Nothing happened and I'm glad for it.”
“Thank you Zorran.” replied Ten Cents.
“But just keep that between us, we're still rivals after all.”
“Right.” chuckled Ten Cents.
The tugs watched as Zentreya was hauled off to receive her consequence. Something that would amount to some time in drydock penitentiary.

Zentreya learned a valuable lesson in that being a bully and committing petty crimes gets you nowhere and now is a wiser tug for that. Zorran also learned an important lesson in that when you see something being mean to someone else you tell someone you trust so that they will bring justice. Once again the Bigg City port was friendly waters and to the Star Fleet and the Z Stacks they hope that things would remain this way.

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