Aug 12, 2013
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Welcome to the Zephyr: World of Life topic.

We are in need of your assistance. I can't develop this game by myself so I am in need of some staff members to help me out!

If you go to the link below, it will redirect you to the gaming website. NewbGamingZ is the gaming company of this game. Of course, I just started it so I am the only member. Sooner and sooner, hopefully, people will join and we can work together.

To become a staff of this gaming company, you go to the website and then choose the "Hiring" page. There you will learn more about it.


The Zephyr is a world where humans and monsters exist together either fighting or helping each other. Though, something in the world has occured causing all monsters to go rogue and kill every human in sight. Now it is not safe to leave the villages, which are now highly guarded by guards. 

You are the only one who can save the Zephyr world from being destroyed and not known anymore. With it destroyed, monsters will be extinct, not to be known anymore by human kind. Your own soul will be transfer into another body that we are going to send within the world.

Not really too much to it yet since it's still in alpha development.

Game Progress: 3%


The setting of the game is in the world of Zephyr. Zephyr is a world where humans and monsters exist together. Humans have found this planet out of Earth and chosen to live upon it, due to Earth being destroyed be under ground volcanoes. Since Earth was destroyed, people were left to find another planet to live on. And it was Zephyr, the World of Life.



Rosa is a young Mage in her learning stage to cast magic and heal. She is only 21 years old, training since she was 2. She is a very nice, delicate person. But, she does have her times of anger.



Sunny is a Healer, new to the town Rosa lives in. She's a good healer, but not as strong yet. She casts spells to heal, not make herbs and medicine. 



Harumi is a Warrior. She has some extraordinary skills like a Ninja but has some skills as a Warrior as well. 



This is you. You are able to choose if you are Female or Male, customize your looks, change your name, and choose a class to start off with.
Gaming Features

This game is a RPG, Adventure, and Visual Novel put into one. Below is all the features you should expect in the game. Of course, this will be updated whenever a new update comes to the Alpha Demo or so. So be prepared to have things changed in new updates.


- A Sideview battle system. Created by Lady-Elise. She made it upon the Japanese version Enu's Tankentai SBS. It is now called "Journal Battle System", which is the name of the English translation project, of course.

- Quests! This consists of side quests and story quests.

- Gaming contact! This means you can mess around with the environment around you and also interact with many things. This also can lead to quests.

- A character creation system! You can customize your character in the beginning of the game (SPOILER) and have it to play in the game. We're planning to add emotional faces to the player's character but it is very hard to script that to fit the script itself.

- Very detailed field graphics! Most of the beginning maps were tileset maps but the following upcoming maps will be parallax maps, meaning we will use Photoshop or GIMP to edit the map to making it look more interesting and catching.

- A lot of choices to choose from. This game basically runs on what choices you make and how you treat people. Treat them bad and the effect can be very... well bad. Treat them nicely and things will run very well.

- A day and night system. This allows to limit the player's reach to some areas and have to sleep to enter it again. This maybe not a good feature but it is to us. Adds a lot of realistic touches to it that makes the game more realistic.

- A weather system. This weather system also effects the player's reach as well. Some places are open seasonally so they can be closed when, for example, winter comes.

- A very nice title screen. Not really much to say... the name says it all.
Change Log

ALPHA DEMO- Version 1:

* 49 scripts were added!

* RTP emotion faces were added!

* Tilesets were added!

* New storyline added!

* 15 maps added!

* 3 classes added!

* 4 actors added!

* 7 BGM added!

* 10 SE added!

* 2 parallax maps added!



Screen Shots


Sorry, these are very huge screenshots. But at least you can see more in depth.




Zephyr: World of Life Battle System








Battle System animations








Day and Night system + Weather system




The download links will be in the section below.

Zephyr: World of Life - Alpha Demo v1

Estimated Date of Download Availability: 5/20/2014 or sooner


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