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Jul 9, 2016
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If you're a lazy lovable like me I am sure you all dislike greatly having to put down many events just to transfer the player to a specific part on another one. You know where you are in a forest or city and you have 2 or maybe even 3 ways to enter into the map to the right of it. Depending on how wide the entrances are it's gonna be quite a few events that needs to be made and systematicly coordinated and doing back is just as much work. BAH! I don't want all that, I want it easy paint jobs that can do it for me so here it is! This plugin makes you able to RELATIVELY move the player. That is if he enters 10 tiles up from our reference point as our origin map, then he'll popout 10 tiles up of our reference point in our destination map! And what do you have to do? Nothing besides specifying the relative points as coordinates, after that paint with regions!


  • Relative region movement
  • Absolute region movement, takes player always to the same spot no matter what!
  • Quasi-movement compatible! Yes you can make soft areas that DO NOT depend on tiles with this!

To come:

None so far!

If there are any bugs report them here!

Download is here. The help in the plugin describes how to use everything! Installing is as with any plugin.

This plugin is free to use in any commercial and non-commercial projects, all I ask for is proper credits. However a free copy of your game is appriciated but not neccisery.

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